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Stud Earring Takeover

Stud Earring Takeover

The trend is happening and looks like it's here to stay. With endless possibilities of matching and pairing studs, this new trend is addictive.

The days of walking into a store and buying just a pair of studs, one for each ear just seem dull. With women piercing their ears in more than just the two conventional holes, the stud and hoop earring game is playing out nicely.

Retailers are more and more open to selling single earrings rather than a pair in order to catch up to this cool trend. Being big on studs (check out our stud collection here studs) we continue to design and create new pieces, keeping our clients on alert for new things coming.

We love to watch our customers pick out the symbols and designs that speak out to them the most and let them form their own perfect stud collection.

Indeed, it's official studs are taking over all ears!

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