How to care for your jewelry

Jewelry like art is fragile and must be taken care of with love and attention. Here are a few tips on how to care for your jewelry.

  • Always place jewelry in their box or a bijouterie box if you have one.
  • Chain necklaces must be kept apart in order to avoid tangling of chains
  • High end pieces should not be worn at intense activities
  • Gold jewelry can be cleaned with warm water (not boiling) and a little soap

Product Repair

In case a jewelry bought from our stores or online is damaged we are happy to repair it for you.

  • You may contact us online and inform us or visit our stores
  • The Anatol guarantee is required in order for you not to be charged
  • The jewel piece will first be inspected and you will be informed whether you will be charged or not for the repair.
  • If the product is deemed faulty, we will replace the ietm with a new one or offer you store credit equal to the items price. Please note that cash refunds are not part of our policy.

For any questions you can email us at: