Double Helix

Double Helix

For years biologists study and analyze the human genome. The known to all of us DNA is thought to hold the secrets to who we are and the various traits we posses.

On the quest to discover ourselves, the Anatol designers took upon the task of studying the human DNA themselves.

DNA is a strand of nucleotides linked into chains with phosphate and sugar groups alternating. In the eyes of our designers however, the strand took the shape of a golden helix bound together by humans best qualities and dreams. Stars, hearts and smiley faces are only some of the beautiful traits discovered.

Double Helix wish upon a star bracelet

During these volatile times and while some people choose a path of hatred. the world needs to be reminded of the love people share. It is important to uplift the values and righteous qualities that humanity is built upon, in order to unite the world in love.

We are all temporary tenants on this beautiful bubble and in order to keep afloat we must focus on the WE, embracing each day and one another. 

Let the Double Helix signature bracelets remind you of the importance of brotherhood, unity and love.

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