Treasure the Moment
Creating emotions and building memories through the design of high end jewellery pieces that hold true meaning and can be treasured for life.


2018 -

Unique Diamond Unique YOU

Each and every diamond is unique and different from any other diamond. A diamond holds its own unique characteristics just as every human. Each diamond set on an engagement ring is unique created for that special someone who will treasure it forever.

2019 -

Bonjour L' amour

Each day is about love and should begin with love. Expressing love comes in many forms and ways. A beautiful surprise is always a thoughtful way to share your love. When that surprise involves a little Anatol it's definitely what we like to call Bonjour l' amour!

2020 -

A Forever Feeling

A piece of jewellery is a statement that lasts forever. In life there are some things and moments that we treasure. A tattoo is a form of expressing this love towards something of great meaning. At Anatol we brought the world of Tattoo with Fine Jewellery together with our Tattoo Collection. Get a sense of a forever feeling.



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Be My Valentine

Finding that one person to share a life together is a powerful experience. Love is the worlds most vigorous emotion and when shared by two hearts it can overcome anything. Celebrating love each day is a blessing and making it even more special on Valentines day is important. 

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