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Treasure the Moment
Creating emotions and building memories through the design of high end jewellery pieces that hold true meaning and can be treasured for life.


2018 -

Unique Diamond Unique YOU

Each and every diamond is unique and different from any other diamond. A diamond holds its own unique characteristics just as every human. Each diamond set on an engagement ring is unique created for that special someone who will treasure it forever.

2019 -

Bonjour L' amour

Each day is about love and should begin with love. Expressing love comes in many forms and ways. A beautiful surprise is always a thoughtful way to share your love. When that surprise involves a little Anatol it's definitely what we like to call Bonjour l' amour!

2020 -

A Forever Feeling

A piece of jewellery is a statement that lasts forever. In life there are some things and moments that we treasure. A tattoo is a form of expressing this love towards something of great meaning. At Anatol we brought the world of Tattoo with Fine Jewellery together with our Tattoo Collection. Get a sense of a forever feeling.



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Be My Valentine

Finding that one person to share a life together is a powerful experience. Love is the worlds most vigorous emotion and when shared by two hearts it can overcome anything. Celebrating love each day is a blessing and making it even more special on Valentines day is important. 

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2021 -

Let Your Heart Be Loud

In a world of high intensity, heavy noise and non stop buzz, it is comforting to find that one person, where you can spend quality quite time together. Anatol knows love and lets it flourish with every collection it creates. This new campaign focuses on the importance of inner deeper connection with one another. A connection that goes beyond the beauty of words, to the superiority of silence. It takes time to be able to spend time with someone without having to talk, realizing that every silent moment brings you closer together. It is then when you realize that the silent moments are the loudest ones of all.

Be Silent 

Let Your Heart Be Loud



Watch Our Campaign Video Here



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