Summer Tranquility

Summer Tranquility

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If you are looking to forget all about stress this one's for you.

A perfect paradise of sun, sea, heartwarming people and mouth watering food; all under a blanket of pure serenity. Mani (Μάνη in Greek) is the getaway you have been dreaming of your whole life. At the southern part of mainland Greece lies this historic place with so much to discover.

How to go about your travel?

A car is essential, so prepare yourselves for a road trip type of holiday. The drive from Athens is a good 3 to 4 hours. Load up the car, play your favorite music and keep hydrated as a beautiful journey begins. First stop is the picturesque Oitilo (Οίτυλο in Greek), a breathtaking peninsula that sets into the horizon.


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Many are the hotel options with Petra Fos having captured our hearts with its panoramic views and rich selection of home-made breakfast items. We know its enticing! Spend the day by the pool and enjoy the hotels spa treatments. Make sure to enjoy a cocktail while gazing into the ruby like sunset. For dinner take the car on a 10 minute drive to Limeni (Λιμένι in Greek) where you will find yourselves at the most charming fish village. Walk through the village from one side to the other (yes that's how small it is) and make sure to visit stores with local products. Make your final stop for dinner at Takis fish tavern and enjoy fresh local catch of the day, a glass of chilled white wine and the sound of the sea as it lays out under your feet. If you're lucky you might even get a glimpse of sea turtles searching for their own dinner.


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By day two you will begin to sink in and decompress . As a day activity a trip to the Caves of Diros will definitely feed your inner soul with its natural beauty.

Caves of Diros

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At night head up to Areopoli (Αρεόπολη in Greek), a stone built village overlooking Oitilo. Admire the village architecture, enjoy the local market and create new taste experiences at Barba Petros tavern. Try the Vegan Moussaka, its divine. End the night with a drink at one of the village bars.


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The next day pack it all up and go on a quest of the most beautiful turquoise sea waters you'll ever swim in. Just a forty minute drive and you've reached Gerolimenas (Γερολιμένας in Greek). Check in to Kyrimai hotel and sit by the sea, literally, while you hit back a freddo espresso to reboot after the drive. Here you can enjoy jogs, bicycle rides and a great swim under a sky reaching mountain. Extenuate your senses with an oven baked pizza, a fresh greek salad and a glass of rose. Save some space for dinner, its a romantic candle lit scene with a daily menu.


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From this spot we suggest you hop around looking for beaches, each day a different experience awaits you. The options are many but make sure to visit Alika beach, a pebble covered shore with emerald green sea waters. If you wanna take it to the next level spend a day at the Alika Resort. There you will be able to sleep in a room part of a tower built hundreds of years ago. While at the same time experience the warmest hospitality by the owners and staff of the hotel.

The final must see is the Tenaro Light House built in 1882 which is considered the southernmost point in mainland Europe. Take with you a little history and a breath of fresh Mediterranean air. 

With loads more places to visit Mani is considered a crown jewel of holiday spots catered to those looking to shut down and relax. Remember to bring your favorite Anatol pieces with you (check out these gorgeous Summer Bracelets) and tag us @anatoljewellery sharing with us a bit of your holiday magic!


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