Different September

Different September

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There is always a strange feeling in the air as September comes in to swipe the summer under our feet and set us in a new mode. Schools are definitely a wake-up call.  No matter how many years go by they definitely define the beginning of a routine like lifestyle.

For us September is a month of hard work and preparation with trips planned back to back as international shows take place. Anatol needs to be the in the front line getting the scoop first hand. Ateliers, high end brands and independent designers all unite showcasing their finest creations. The thrilling process of going through hundreds of jewelry collections, identifying trends and giving birth to new ideas is what makes the month of September so important for our industry.

Suddenly we find ourselves with no shows wondering what needs to be done to fill the gap. Sure, virtual works, but it can never be the same. The human contact and exchange of ideas can best happen only when in person. So, we decided that we need to accept this challenge and face it straight on. Yes, this September is different but we are going to make it, good different.

Looking within, we identified our key strengths in developing new ideas and bringing to life jewelry pieces that are not only unique but hold a meaning to them. We decided to further expand your favorite collections such as Double Helix and Imbue and add new thrilling pieces to them. Coming along is also the online debut of our Tattoo collection, uniting a world of ink together with fine jewelry, proving that all art is one whilst breaking any stereotypes.

Adapting is a vital skill and that is exactly what we have done so far in a year which taught us to expect the unexpected. Do we miss the old September’s, sure we do but we learned to love this one too. Add a whole more exercising, being closer to friends and family oh and still enjoying the beautiful beaches (yea we’re in Greece, whether is still great!) we are pretty sure that September is gonna be a good one.


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