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Linked Bars Earring

Sale price€11.900,00
SKU: E6749-W
Color:White Gold

Designed by Evan this collection showcases the beauty of oval diamonds brought together in intricate forms and shapes. Having designed the collection and even after having held the pieces in his hands, Evan was not sure of the name he wanted to give this new line of work. It was on a trip to Pompeii whilst visiting a friend that the name was established. When showing photos of the jewelry to his friend, Giuseppe instantly said, “wow beautiful pieces, looks like Domino”, Evan laughed and glanced at the photos realizing how well Giuseppe had put it. Thus the collections name, Domino.

Product Info

  • 18K Gold
  • Gold Weight: 10.03gr
  • Diamond Weight: 4.63ct
  • Item Code: E6749

Size Specifications

  • Earring Height: 7.6cm/ 2.99inches 
  • Earring Width: 2.5cm/ 0.98inches