Million Dollar Looks

Million Dollar Looks

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We are on the final road to the Oscars. Prepare yourselves for all the buzz, glam and sparkle of the Hollywood stars. Award season is always a hot period for fashion designers as Hollywood royalty walk down the red carpet showing off their style and fashion. No look could ever be complete without extravagant pieces of jewelry and every brand strives to get their jewelry on the women and men who will shine the brightest. 

We look forward to seeing this season's amazing pieces, but we still need to wait till April 26th. Therefore, we are warming up the grounds by showcasing the four most incredible jewelry looks of all times. These pieces aren't just incredibly crafted but also hold some of the most expensive diamonds in the world. Get a taste of these million-dollar statement appearances. 

"Taylored" with Grace

In 1970 Elizabeth Taylor walked the red carpet with sophisticated elegance and grace. Fans around the world fell in love with her light blue gown but it was her necklace that took all the fame. A massive 69.42 carat pear shaped diamond hang on a diamond chain necklace. The piece by Harry Winston shook the world as its sparkle was incomparable to any other piece of its kind. The necklace was sold for 3 million dollars in 1978 and its now estimate worth is above 10 million dollars.

A Diamond Scare

What happens if a star wearing a piece of jewelry loses it during the event? Yes, obviously he/she is being followed by the jewelers security team, but what can they possibly do when an earring is tossed into the crowd during a live performance? This was the case in the 1991 Oscars when Madonna wearing Harry Winston jewels worth 20 million dollars, removed her earring and "freesbied" it. You can only imagine the alarm the security team must have gone through. Luckily the star had worn fakes for the performance, but that was known only after the show.

Heart of the Ocean

Yeap, you guessed it. Its 1998 and the Titanic is killing it at the Oscars. Who else is killing it? Well, Gloria Stuart, known as Rose in the movie. The woman who played Rose as an elderly and was reciting the story showed up at the Oscars with yet another Harry Winston piece. Only this time, the necklace was not tossed into the ocean, but instead shone bright on her neck. A 15carat blue diamond necklace worth 20 million dollars can definitely be described as the Queen of the ocean.


 Closer to Home

This fourth look is only just a year ago at the 92nd Academy Awards. Despite the Corona Pandemic lurking to disrupt everyday life as we knew it, the Oscars were not shy of glamorous. Our fourth look is Charlize Theron wearing Tiffany & Co. A modern, elegant piece, combining the past with the future. The necklace holds a marquise shaped drop diamond of over 21carats in weight. Beautifully crafted and set with diamonds the necklace is a true statement of modernity. Oh did we mention that its valued at 5 million dollars. That's right!

That wraps up our four most iconic and sumptuous jewelry Oscar looks.

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