XOXO Bracelet

XOXO! Onyx Bracelet

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It's funky, it's a little rock and it's all for love. Onyx beeaded bracelets with a kiss, a heart and a lot of love is the perfect bracelet to wear and show off each and everyday. Be proud of being in love with life.

Product info

  • 925 Silver
  • Rose Gold Plated
  • Rhodium Plated
  • Rubies and Pink Sapphires: 0.64ct
  • White and Black Enamel
  • Onyx Beads

Size Specifications

  • Bracelet Size: Adjustable
  • Heart Size: 11.20mm / 0.44 inches
  • XOXO, Lips Height: 11mm / 0.43 inches
  • XOXO, Lips Width: 14.95mm / 0.58 inches
  • Onyx Bead Size: 6mm / 0.23 inches