Triple Cross Imbue Necklace

SKU: N5990


Made by hand, as all Imbue collection pieces, the triple cross necklace is strung together using dark blue sapphire beads. Hanging, three crosses dressed in white diamonds, blue sapphires and rubies. The colors blend together creating an impressive site to the eye that perceives pure elegance.

Product Info

  • 18K Gold
  • Gold Weight: 2.69gr
  • Diamond Weight: 0.89ct
  • Blue Sapphire Weight: 0.58ct
  • Ruby Weight: 0.55ct
  • Item Code: N5990

Size Specifications

  • Necklace Length: 42cm/ 16.53inch 
  • Diamond Cross Height/Width: 21.40mm/15.68mm, 0.84inch/ 0.61inch
  • Sapphire Cross Height/Width: 16.99mm/ 12.58mm, 0.66inch/ 0.49inch 
  • Ruby Cross Height/Width: 17.13mm/ 12.57mm, 0.67inch/ 0.49inch 
  • Sapphire Bead Size: 3.40mm/ 0.13inch 

Color Note

For this necklace two gold colors are used. The central white diamond cross as well as the golden beads and closure used are white gold. The sapphire and ruby crosses are made in black rhodium.

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