Luck Color Splash Hoops

SKU: OE0064-Y

Mix and match intriguing bright colored hoops with thoughtful motifs and symbols and create your own collection of hoop earrings. Select a symbol and add a word in order to show off your inner self.  

Product Info

  • Eye Motif: 14K Gold
  • Gold Weight: 0.14gr
  • Hoop: 925 Silver, Yellow Gold Plated
  • Hoop Color: Black
  • Item Code: OE0064

Size Specifications

  • Hoop Size: 13mm / 0.51 inches
  • Luck Height: 8.7mm / 0.34 inches
  • Luck Width: 3.4mm / 0.13 inches

Want to personalize this item? Let us create your initials and add them to your hoops. Contact us via email at and let us work together on personalizing this item.

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