Dream Color Splash Hoops

SKU: OE0034-Y

Mix and match intriguing bright colored hoops with thoughtful motifs and symbols and create your own collection of hoop earrings. Select a symbol and add a word in order to show off your inner self.  

Product Info

  • Eye Motif: 14K Gold
  • Gold Weight: 0.16gr
  • Hoop: 925 Silver, Yellow Gold Plated
  • Hoop Color: Red
  • Item Code: OE0034

Size Specifications

  • Hoop Size: 13mm / 0.51 inches
  • Dream Height: 9.7mm / 0.38 inches
  • Dream Width: 3.4mm / 0.13 inches

Want to personalize this item? Let us create your initials and add them to your hoops. Contact us via email at info@anatoljewellery.gr and let us work together on personalizing this item.

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