Demeter Style Eye Bracelet

SKU: B6596-Y


Goddess Demeter style evil eye bracelet made in 18k gold and diamonds. The bracelet is strung with sapphire beads. The bracelet is strung in a 3 to 3 pattern with three kyanite beads interchanging with three gold beads. This pattern connects to the Goddess’ rule of ploughing earth three times per year for maximum harvest.

Product Info

  • 18k Gold
  • Gold Weight: 1.62gr
  • Diamond Weight: 0.28ct
  • Sapphire Weight: 0.15ct
  • Sapphire Bead Size: 7.29mm / 0.28 inches
  • Item Code: B6596
Product Specifications
  • Bracelet Size: Adjustable
  • Eye Size: 9.14 mm / 0.35 inch

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