Anchor gold pendant with black diamonds. Easily to wear with the beautiful macrame sting.

Anchor Macrame

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SKU: B6034-B
Color:Black Rhodium
Cord Colour:Black

For those who no matter where they are, their heart and mind are always at sea, the anchor bracelet represents love for the ocean. The bracelet is made in 18k gold, black rhodium and black diamonds.

Product Info

  • 18k Gold
  • Gold Weight: 1.26gr
  • Diamond Weight: 0.10ct
  • Item Code: B6034

Size Specifications

  • Bracelet Size: Adjustable
  • Anchor Height: 11.29mm/ 0.44inch
  • Anchor Width: 19.08mm/ 0.75inch
Colour Coating Sensitivity
Dear customer please note that this piece has been coloured in order to attain its dark look. The colour coating is sensitive to perfumes, creams, body sweat etc and may possibly wear off with time.
Through our customer after sales service we are able to give the piece its dark colour once again (please note that there will be no charge).